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Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
very much. >>> for more on those awfully long lines and short fuses, the weather channel's jim cantore is at a gas station in ridgefield, new jersey, just west of manhattan. hi, jim. >> reporter: hey, how you doing? this is actually coordinated pretty well. it's just a nice little thing we got going on here off of the turnpike. you can see these cars are waiting in line. what's happening, there is an officer right here pretty much telling everyone which lane to get in. and then they're coming from really the exit. this is about a half-mile long just up in here. you can see them kind of getting in line here. the wait is about an hour and a half. that's about how long people are waiting. unfortunately, we aren't allowed to walk up to them and talk to them in the cars. sunoco has asked us not to do that so we are respecting that so we can keep the live shot out through here. but guys, the scope of this problem is like this. you've got 50% of the gas stations in this area without power. that's the first thing. check them off. another 20% of them are now running out of gas. all right? check
Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
to mandate testing and get the regulators involved. something we can count on next week. >> jim cramer remark this morning these 100-year storms is happening every few years. certainly there is a need for that dunk, you will come on and update us as needed? >> i will and i will be in very early tomorrow morning, so bob, if you're there happy to sit with you guys tomorrow and then we will have a very good lay of the land early tomorrow morning. >> good luck, duncan, hope it goes smoothly. best of luck. >> see you tomorrow. >> see you, guys. >> an interesting halloween morning, won't it? >> as you say, it is important for them to open on this, the last day of the month, for a variety of reasons. >> yeah the important thing is there are a lot of people who have, their p and l statement, report to their investors on a monthly base is and tomorrow is the last day of the month, some people want the opportunity, traders, to sell losers, buy winners or whatever trading strategy they want to do the final day call it window dressing on some cases, whatever you want to say and some people, too, it is ev
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2